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Ogliastra: the central-eastern coast of Sardinia

A paradise of remarkable beauty where nature offers the best of itself

Ogliastra, along the eastern side of Sardinia, is synonymous with paradise. A ​​unique sea sceneries among turquoise waters and massive cliffs. An island to be discovered, enclosed in a world of sea and mountains.

Sardinia is one of the largest and most important islands in the Mediterranean. It is located in the center of the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the west side of the Italian peninsula, between African and Spain, France and Italy. Sardinia is a land of many faces: there is the most famous Sardinia, where fashionable clubs and VIPs are on the agenda. And there is the most wild and unspoiled Sardinia, where the protagonist of excellence is nature and not the nightlife.
Defined by many as the island in the island, Ogliastra is synonymous with nature. Its rugged geographical features, which have determined its slower development and rhythm from the rest of the island for centuries, are also the cause that preserved an earthly paradise, an area still highly pristine, where flora and fauna are the masters.

Ogliastra Sardinia

The coast of Ogliastra

The coast of Ogliastra offer a wide variety of landscapes, from long beaches of fine white sand to rocky coves, passing through small coves of white pebbles to coves with red rocks. Starting from the north, you will find the coves of the Baunei coast, reachable only by sea or by foot: Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriala, Cala Mariolu, Gabbiani beach and Cala Goloritzé. Further south there are some of the most varied scenarios. The bay of Forrola and the incredible cobblestone cove in Pedra Longa or Agugliastra, a 128-meter high natural monument that seems to have given its name to this sub-region. Then the central beach in Santa Maria Navarrese at the foot of the Spanish tower and the beach named first “the lido delle Rose” and “Girasole beach” after, which connects Tancau to Arbatax thanks to a strip of sand and an incredible thick pine forest.
Then there are the Rocce Rosse, Cala Moresca – an inlet of pebbles of various colors -, the bay of Porto Frailis and the beach of San Gemiliano, divided by a promontory where another Spanish watchtower stands. From here it begins the famous coast of Orrì, which counts many different beaches, and of which we remember for particular beauty the one called “il Golfetto“. Further south, the sea does not spare other shows: take a tour of Cea, in the marina of Barisardo and Cardedu, in Coccorrocci and in the gulf of Sarrala.

Ogliastra Sardinia

Deep inside Ogliastra

Ogliastra is a land of sea and mountains, where the sea cannot be and in fact is not the only protagonist.
Variety of landscapes, from the sea to the hills until we reach the mountains of Gennargentu, the main mountain range of the island. Punta La Marmora, with its 1,834 meters above sea level, is the peak of Sardinia and is located between Desulo and Arzana, less than an hour from the Ogliastra beaches. Speaking of mountains, a mention must be made to the Tacchi Ogliastrini, between Jerzu, Ulassai, Ussassai and Gairo. In the surrounding area, there is the Gorroppu gorge, in Urzulei, one of the deepest caynon in Europe. It is then impossible not to mention the incredible Ogliastra Supramonte, which covers a wide area between the municipalities of Baunei and Urzulei and, beyond Ogliastra, those of Dorgali, Oliena and Orgosolo.

Ogliastra Sardinia

History and flora of Ogliastra

An ancient land, Ogliastra owns several important archaeological site of considerable importance. Besides the anti-corsairs towers previously mentioned, there are many Nuragic sites, the Domus de Janas, the Giants’ tombs, the Menhirs and innumerable rural churches.
Flora and fauna of Ogliastra are also worthy to be mentioned. Beyond the centuries-old holm-oaks and millenary olive trees Ogliastra boasts an incredible variety of floral species. And if Australian road signs warn against kangaroos, on the Ogliastrinian roads you may meet wild boars, pigs, mouflons, sheep and goats. No wonder to see a goat in the steep cliffs of Baunei, a wild boar in Cala Luna or to arrive late because a flock of sheep crossed the road very, very slowly!
On foot or by bicycle, on horseback, by car, motorbike or off-road vehicle like in a boat, Ogliastra offers every kind of itineraries to discover unforgettable places. You can walk from the mountain towards the sea following the course of ancient rivers, through centuries-old woods, flowers, wild animals and visit breathtaking caves carved by water over the millennia.

Ogliastra is a place for everyone. For nature, sea and mountain lovers, for children and adults, for families and friends looking for sporting adventures. Or, for those who, tired after a long working season, take pleasure in giving themselves a regenerating rest around the sea and breathtaking mountain walks.

We would like to end this small presentation of Ogliastra by referring to the recent recognition of “Blue Zone“, which makes us proud just like the deep blue of the Ogliastra sea. In fact, only 5 places in the world are defined “Blue Zone”, and it is where the number of centenarians who enjoy good health is among the highest in the world.

It is more difficult to live a hundred years then regretting a visit in Ogliasta.

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Why choose us to discover the incredible cost of Baunei

There are many ways to visit the coast of Baunei by sea. Here the reasons why choosing to travel with the MareOgliastra Lines represents a guarantee for your day trip in the Gulf of Orosei.

♦ Comfort
Our motor ships, as well as safe, are comfortable. On board there are seats in the shade and in the sun, in semi-enclosed and outdoor areas. Also tables where you can consume a snack or your packed lunch. The boats are equipped with toilets. It’s our habit to try to make you feel more comfortable while traveling around the Gulf.

♦ Serenity
It is our job to offer transport service to passengers. We comply with the standards required by current regulations, our motor ships are well equipped to carry passengers. Furthermore, we provide customer assistance from before purchasing the ticket until the end of the day spent with us (and even after). We are always on time with arrival and departure from the coves.

♦ Safety
We comply with the required safety standards and we only operates with approved motor ships for passenger transportation. Our crews are well trained and have experience in navigation. Our boats are large enough to guarantee more stability and safety than other types of boats, even in case of windy days.

♦ For everyone
Everyone can take a trip to the coves with us. We work with schools and kindergartens, with groups of seniors and high schools in occasion of sports initiatives and educational trips.
Our boats are suitable for families with small children, who are welcome on board along with their inseparable strollers. We are able to transport people with motor disability. There’s the possibility, under request, to carry passengers in a wheelchair.

♦ Experience
We have been traveling along the coast of Baunei since the 1980s. We have behind a wide knowledge that allow us to get the best out of the Gulf every day and face every situation in the best way. We know the coast of Baunei and its history: we try to share with you as much as possible on our website and during navigation.

♦ Warranty
The MareOgliastra Lines offers a stable service. Every summer, from May 1st to October 15th, our boats take you to the discovery of an incomparable Mediterranean stretch. For over 40 years!

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