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Faq – How the trip works

In this section you can find the faq and the main useful information for travellers.

How the boat trip works

All daily routes proposed by the Nuovo Consorzio Marittimo Ogliastra follow the same pattern.

The first step is to buy your tickets, online or in our store, few days before the chosen date (we recommend you to get your ticket at least 3 days before the trip during high season or 1-2 days before during low and medium season). In any case, you may still find some available tickets the night before or the same day in the morning.

The day of the excursion be ready to board 20 minutes before the scheduled departure, due to proceed in time with boarding operations and avoid delays. Once departed, the navigation proceeds along the coast of Baunei until the planned stops points, which varies depending on the line chosen. During the stops, the motor ship waits off before embarking guests and reaching the following destination.

Boarding and landing operations are safe and take place via motor ship gangways.The stop during lunch break is the longest one, so you will have enough time to enjoy your packed lunch or have a meal in one of the eating place around the coast. Anyway, each stop lasts enough to let you have a bath and enjoy the beach. Remember to keep your ticket with you until the end of the trip, you might have to show it when boarding from one to another destination, especially in the last one.

Faq – most asked questions

In this section we answered the most asked questions (faq) of travellers.

Where can I buy my ticket?
You can buy the tickets in our stores sited in Arbatax (via Lungomare, before the port entrance and next to the gas station), Tortolì (via Monsignor Virgilio, 1/A) and Santa Maria Navarrese (via Lungomare 22 and inside the touristic port) or you can buy the tickets online in this website.

How do I buy my ticket online?
You can buy your ticket from this website. Choose the line with the stops you like and the departure port (Port of Arbatax or Port of Santa Maria Navarrese), click “BOOK ONLINE” and follow the instruction. You can contact us if you have any doubt. Visit the page HOW TO BUY for more information.

Do I have to print the ticket I bought online?
No, it’s not necessary. You can just show your ticket from your smartphone. Your ticket is in attached inside the mail we sent you after the purchase.

Do I have to buy the ticket in advance?
We recommend to get the ticket at least few days before the trip. In any case, you may still find some available tickets the night before or the same day in the morning (be sure to be at the ticket office at least 30 minutes before the departure time).

Where can I park my car in Arbatax? Is there any guarded parking?
There is a free parking area in Arbatax, a large square near the boarding point. The parking is free but not guarded.

Where can I park my car in Santa Maria Navarrese? Is there any guarded parking?
There is a guarded pay parking inside the touristic port in Santa Maria Navarrese where you can leave your car during the trip.

Where is the boarding point in Arbatax?
The boarding point in Arbatax is in the central pier.
Follow the straight road from the entrance of Arbatax town and after the rotatory located inside the port you will find our motor ship. One of our operators will be there to assist you with the check-in.

Where is the boarding point in Santa Maria Navarrese?
The boarding point in Santa Maria Navarrese is inside the touristic port. From the port entrance (or from the bar), follow the pier to the left up to the boarding point. One of our operators will be there to assist you with the check-in.

Is lunch included?
No, lunch is not included in the excursion. Instead, in all the other lines you might choose between: bring your own packed lunch, have lunch in a restaurant (there’s one in Cala Sisine and also in Cala Luna) or buy some snacks at the Cala Mariolu kiosk.

Is it possible to swim during beach breaks?
Yes. All the stops will give you the opportunity to swim in the unforgettable waters of the gulf.

Is the excursion advisable with small children?
There are no contraindications in going around the Coves with small children. Indeed, kids greatly appreciate the small fishes that come close to the shore. If necessary, you can bring a small size stroller, that you must leave it on board during breaks, though. durante le soste. A bordo c’è ombra. On board there is shadow.
N.B.: you can’t buy milk in the Gulf.

Is the excursion indicated for disabled?
Yes, it is possible for disabled people to make the boat trip. We recommend to contact us by phone for more details few days before the trip.

What kind of motor ships are used for the excursions?
We have different motor ships, ranging from 120 up to 200 passengers capacity. We never travel at full load. On board, our motor ships are equipped with toilets, there is place in shade and in the sun, seats and some tables. You can take a look at our fleet on this website.

Is it possible to bring my dog during the excursion?
Dogs are not allowed on the beaches, but they can travel in our motor ship as long as they stay under their owner’s supervision (in case of medium or large size animals, the use of a leash/muzzle is appreciated): since dogs are not allowed on the beach, guests are welcome on board during beach breaks.

How do boarding and landing operations take place at the coves?
Boarding and landing operations are safe and take place via motor ship gangways between the boat and the beach or between the boat and the piers. It is not necessary to dive to reach the beaches (it is actually strictly prohibited).

There are any half-day excursion?
No, there is no half-day itinerary that includes a return to port for lunch.

If you have not found the answer you were looking for in the faq, do not hesitate to contact us!

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With the fleet of Nuovo Consorzio Marittimo Ogliastra we will take you with our motor ships to explore 40 km of the wild coast of Baunei, leaving from the port of Arbatax or from the touristic port of Santa Maria Navarrese.

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Our confortable and safe motor ships will carry you through the discovery of one of the most suggestive slice of heaven in the whole Mediterranean. Boats capacity from 120 to 300 seats.

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It is possible to buy tickets from this site, either via computer or smartphone. Our system is a simple and safe way for you to purchase your ticket.

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How does the trip work?

Leaving in the morning, return in the evening. During the day an alternation of visit at the beach and boating until the next one, as planned by the line you choose. You should get your ticket at least the day before!

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