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Pedra Longa

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A natural monument of the Coast of Baunei

Pedra Longa, or Agugliastra, is a spire that rises from the sea for 128 meters and falls steeply into a sea of ​​deep blue. Defined by many as a huge rock, it is actually a “mountain piece” that collapsed from the surrounding cliff in ancient times. Pedra Longa was declared a natural monument in 1993. It has always been the gateway to a world of sea and mountains subject to different rules from those we are used to: it marks the beginning of the spectacular Baunei coast.

Pedra Longa, rises just before the bay of Forrola, and is the only point of interest in the Gulf of Orosei that can be reached by car. It is also the starting point of the “wild blue” trek, a journey of over a week that leads to Cala Luna by foot. It is not only the spectacle of the encounter between the sea and the mountains, however, that leads us to argue that Pedra Longa is the gateway to a world beyond compare: its waters, blue and sometimes turquoise, that fade to emerald green, are typical of the Gulf of Orosei. The underwater life is intense, and the net encounter of the sea with the mountain allows us to admire numerous species already a few meters towards the open sea.
Behind Pedra Longa, to the north, the majestic Punta Giradili stands, it is the “roof of the Gulf”, which with its 700 and over meters of height wins the podium among the highest cliffs of the whole Mediterranean. At its feet there are the Baus Waterfalls, a source of fresh water during the winter and spring season. According to some sources, even the Saracens refueled there with fresh water after a failed raid in Santa Maria Navarrese, during the second half of the nineteenth century. At the beginning of the twentieth century, from 1909 to 1914, a lithographic quarry, called “su stabilimentu“, was opened not far from Pedra Longa. The extracted slabs of limestone were transported by cable car to a dock, built at sea level
According to several historians the name Ogliastra derives from the historical toponym of Pedra Longa, “Agugliastra” or “Aguglia“. The signaling of Pedra Longa in portolani (polit books) as Aguglia or Agugliastra confirms its considerable importance in the past along the Ogliastra coast, as an excellent reference point for sailors.

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