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Experience an unforgettable day swimming in the crystal clear waters of the coast of Baunei and the Gulf of Orosei.

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Orange line

♦ ♦ ♦ Group tour in the coast of Baunei – Tour by MareOgliastra Lines


from 10/07/2024 to 30/09/2024


– from Arbatax at 8.30 a.m.;
– from Santa Maria Navarrese at 9.00 a.m.;


8/9 hours


Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine, Cala Luna1 and Bue Marino cave2*.

Tour in the coast of Baunei

The Orange line offers one day along the coast of Baunei starting from the tourist port of Santa Maria Navarrese and from the port of Arbatax. Three stops are foreseen in the beaches of: cala Mariolu in the morning, cala Sisine and then Cala Luna1 with the possibility of visiting the Bue Marino cave2.
Return to the port is expected around 6.00pm / 6.30pm.

1In case of adverse weather conditions, which could cause difficulties with the landing operations, Cala Luna’s stop is not guaranteed.

2 In case of adverse weather conditions we can’t guarantee the visit of Bue Marino cave.

* The order of stops could be subject to variations for organizational reasons.

Orange line: the itinerary

It takes about an hour of navigation to reach the first beach, during which you will get do admire a breathtaking view of the coast of Baunei. Approximately 15 minutes after the departure with the yellow line, Pedra Longa appears , a 128-meter high limestone natural monument (the only locality reachable by car in these forty kilometers of uncontaminated nature). Immediately after, the bay of Forrola and the Baus waterfalls. Just before the natural border between the Gulf of Arbatax and the Gulf of Orosei, marked by the head of Monte Santo, appears the Colombi Cave.
After crossing the cape, you’ll see the two “fjords” of Portu Quau and Portu Pedrosu. After fifteen more minutes of navigation, in which it will be possible to admire the Montes Insanes and the famous Cala Goloritzé, we will arrive at the first stop in Cala Mariolu.
After that, you will have the opportunity to admire the Cala Biriala forest, which gives its name to the beautiful cove that rises at the foot of the cliff.
Between Cala Sisine and Cala Luna, about six to seven meters above sea level, you can spot the “Furrow Fossil Groove”, and, before getting in Cala Luna, the beautiful Cala Ginepro.

Mappa linea arancio motonave Sardegna

Orange line: the caves

We will take you to discover the mysterious tunnels of a million of years old land to discover a unique and fascinating world. For a visit the Bue Marino cave, the entrance fee is charged separately.

Orange line: tariffs 2024

Prices per person.

Full price tickets

Full trip from 10/07/2024 to 12/08/2024: € 60,00*
Full trip from 13/08/2024 to 25/08/2024: € 65,00*
Full trip from 26/08/2024 to 30/09/2024: € 60,00*

Reduced price tickets ***

Kids from 10 to 14 years: € 20,00*
Children from 3 to 9 years: € 15,00*
Infants from 0 to 2 years: free*

Orange line extras

Environmental contribution “Costa di Baunei”: € 1,00 per person.
Environmental contribution “Comune di Dorgali”: € x,xx per person.
Bue Marino Cave:** Full price: € 12,00; – Children from 3 to 10 years: € 6,00.

Tariffs conditions

* Ticket price does not include the cost of guided visit at the caves.
* Ticket price does not include the environmental contribution “Costa di Baunei” of 1,00 euro.
* Ticket price does not include the environmental contribution “Comune di Dorgali” of x,xx euro.
** Visit of caves is optional.
** Tickets to the cave MUST be paid in cash due to no internet connection.
*** Reduced price tickets are valid only if kids/children are accompanied by an adult.

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With the fleet of MareOgliastra Lines we will take you with our motor ships to explore 40 km of the wild coast of Baunei, leaving from the port of Arbatax or from the touristic port of Santa Maria Navarrese.

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Linea Arancio Motonave Costa di Baunei Ogliastra Sardegna

Info orange line

– Buy your ticket at least one day before the tour!
– Times and stops mentioned above must be intended as indicative and may change if the commander deems it appropriate.
– To find out the rates for groups, itineraries or special needs and for rental of motor boats, contact our telephone contacts or send an email to

Photo Gallery

Some pictures of the orange line in the coast of Baunei and the gulf of Orosei.

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Travel with MareOgliastra Lines

Why choose us to discover the incredible cost of Baunei

There are many ways to visit the coast of Baunei by sea. Here the reasons why choosing to travel with the MareOgliastra Lines represents a guarantee for your day trip in the Gulf of Orosei.

♦ Comfort
Our motor ships, as well as safe, are comfortable. On board there are seats in the shade and in the sun, in semi-enclosed and outdoor areas. Also tables where you can consume a snack or your packed lunch. The boats are equipped with toilets. It’s our habit to try to make you feel more comfortable while traveling around the Gulf.

♦ Serenity
It is our job to offer transport service to passengers. We comply with the standards required by current regulations, our motor ships are well equipped to carry passengers. Furthermore, we provide customer assistance from before purchasing the ticket until the end of the day spent with us (and even after). We are always on time with arrival and departure from the coves.

♦ Safety
We comply with the required safety standards and we only operates with approved motor ships for passenger transportation. Our crews are well trained and have experience in navigation. Our boats are large enough to guarantee more stability and safety than other types of boats, even in case of windy days.

♦ For everyone
Everyone can take a trip to the coves with us. We work with schools and kindergartens, with groups of seniors and high schools in occasion of sports initiatives and educational trips.
Our boats are suitable for families with small children, who are welcome on board along with their inseparable strollers. We are able to transport people with motor disability. There’s the possibility, under request, to carry passengers in a wheelchair.

♦ Experience
We have been traveling along the coast of Baunei since the 1980s. We have behind a wide knowledge that allow us to get the best out of the Gulf every day and face every situation in the best way. We know the coast of Baunei and its history: we try to share with you as much as possible on our website and during navigation.

♦ Warranty
The MareOgliastra Lines offers a stable service. Every summer, from May 1st to October 15th, our boats take you to the discovery of an incomparable Mediterranean stretch. For over 40 years!

Our Fleet

Our confortable and safe motor ships will carry you through the discovery of one of the most suggestive slice of heaven in the whole Mediterranean. Boats capacity from 90 to 300 seats.

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Check availability and prices on-line to visit the coves of the coast of Baunei. Booking your ticket online is simple, safe and convenient.

Ticket office

Come to visit us in our stores where you can buy the tickets for the trip along the coast. Our ticket office are in Tortolì, Santa Maria Navarrese and Arbatax.

How does the trip work?

Leaving in the morning, return in the evening. During the day an alternation of visit at the beach and boating until the next one, as planned by the line you choose.

Orange line

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